22nd July 2023

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Supporting Charity

Buckfest is as much about raising funds for local charities and good causes as it is about the music.

The 2022 Buckfest Charity partner is Huntingdonshire Society for the Blind. 2022 is the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the society, set up to look after Huntingdonshire Soldiers blinded by gas in World War 1.

Huntingdonshire Society for the Blind currently have 500 members in Huntingdonshire. Based in Huntingdon on St Marys Street where their charity shop and offices are run by a team of 5 part time staff and volunteers. Over 120 volunteers help the charity, running the shop, taking members to appointments and meetings, and just being available for a chat with members.

The charity has a sensory garden behind their offices but it is open to the elements which limits its use, and their project that Buckfest is delighted to support is to build a permanent structure in the garden with cover and heating so that members will be able to enjoy the garden all year round. In addition they are hoping to acquire a branded gazebo for outdoor social events which take place throughout the summer months in St Ives, St Neots, Ramsey and Huntingdon, and again Buckfest is delighted to assist with this.

We are really looking forward to supporting Huntingdonshire society for the blind and they are looking forward to meeting all the festival attendees on 16th July. 

Also attending in July will be 3 Pillars Feeding The Homeless who have been a permanent charity partner since 2019, and we are delighted to announce that Hunts Community Cancer Network  (HCCN) who we supported in 2021 are now a permanent charity partner and we look forward to welcoming them at Buckfest 2022, and we know that all of you will help us support them

Friends of Buckfest

Friends of Buckfest are the lovely people and local companies who supply goods, services and sponsorship to help us run the festival each year. We couldn’t run the festival without them.