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27th July 2024

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Supporting Charity

For 2023 the Buckfest Charity partnership is with a group of mental health initiatives based in Huntingdon and St Neots.

Comprised of the St Neots Man Cave, Walk and talk for Men, Walk and talk for Women and Andy’s man club. Our charity project donation will be to the Man Cave to enhance the storage facility and accessibility of the cave. The cave is a community space for men to connect, converse and create. The activities are often similar to those of garden sheds, but for groups of men to enjoy together. They help reduce loneliness and isolation, but most importantly they are a place to talk, and they’re fun .

Hunts Community Cancer Network was originally part of a 2 year pilot project seeking to develop primary care-based cancer care. Initially a small team of 3 nurses including the founder

Gini Melesi, HCCN now has 7 nurses and an admin team supporting the Nursing team. Working across 29 GP surgeries in Huntingdonshire

HCCN nurses are a home based service based out of Hinchingbrooke Hospital, who supplement the work of the hospital and the doctors and nurses making life for their patient as simple as possible. They carry out interventions that allow patients to stay in their own home or stay working as much as possible during treatment. Far more than that they are an incredible support team to cancer patients and families. The charity side to the organisation works in partnership with the nurses, funding the gap that the NHS cannot fill. The charity provides extra nurse training and equipment, innovative exercise equipment and technology and evidence based supportive activities such as health and wellbeing services, rehabilitation classes and nutritional advice.

HCCN provide opportunities for patients and families to meet in social settings and as part of this are currently seeking a permanent base rather than renting rooms in local village halls and community centres. The donation to be provided by Buckfest will go towards this ambition of a meeting place for all Huntingdonshire Cancer patients and families.

The HCCN team will be at Buckfest, recognisable in their HCCN T Shirts, and they will be assisting us with the sale of Buckfest merchandise and their own fundraising as well.

We know everyone will support them on the day!

The 3 Pillars Feeding the homeless

Originally set up by Mick Pescod and Ged Dempsey to provide food, clothing and bedding for homeless people in Peterborough.

They were regularly visited by up to 80 people twice a week all year round, whose only support and food was often that provided by The 3 Pillars.

From a start where food, both hot and cold, was made up by local volunteers and clothing items collected at their temporary base in St Neots the charity now has a permanent base where all clothing and bedding items can be securely stored and fridges to store food donations. As well as food made up by volunteers many St Neots outlets now provide food and drink to the charity.

The charity has supported those in need throughout Huntingdonshire and Peterborough, and has been successful in gaining accommodation for many people during its operation.

We are delighted that The 3 Pillars will be supporting us at Buckfest helping with our Merchandise sales and will be present in the arena to meet Buckfest attendees. Spending a few minutes talking to them about their activities is an amazing experience and can help all of us realise how lucky we are and how we can make a difference to those less fortunate.   


Friends of Buckfest

Friends of Buckfest are the lovely people and local companies who supply goods, services and sponsorship to help us run the festival each year. We couldn’t run the festival without them.