Remember to Bring Your Wristband

Please note that entry to Buckfest is via a pre-purchased wristband only. We’re a licenced event, and numbers are strictly limited. Everyone needs a wristband to gain entry – even babies; it doesn’t matter who you know or what age you are: no wristband, no entry — no exceptions. Dogs are not permitted to enter the site unless they are assistance dogs.

Bring Your Wallet, Not Booze

No alcohol, glass or cans can be brought into the festival arena; only alcohol purchased on site is permitted. All Buckfest bars accept cash and card payments, but card payment is preferred. See our full Terms & Conditions for details.

There will also be a selection of quality food and merchandise that you can purchase throughout the day to help support the festival.

See here for more details

Reusable Glasses

This year, all bars at Buckfest will be providing drinks solely in reusable plastic cups. No deposit is required for your first cup which will be given to you as you enter the site, and no additional fee will be charged if you bring your used cup back to the bar.  There will also be 2 cup collection stations on site where, on returning your cup, you will be presented with a token. This can be used at any bar to obtain a new cup.

Coming to any bar without either a cup or a token will result in a charge of £1 being added to your drink – so bring those cups back!

The different bars may be using different cups, but returning any cup to any of the bars will avoid the additional £1 charge.

Note that the £1 charge is NOT a deposit and will not be refunded. Rocking up to the bar with 10 cups is helpful to us but will not gain you anything – unless you are buying 10 more drinks!

We want to retain as many of the cups for use at future Buckfests as possible so please return them to the bar or washing stations and definitely do not put them in the bin! There will be cup collection points at the exits at the end of the event.

This would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship of PPS Leak Detection Ltd. Kudos to them for their fantastic support for this very important initiative.

Dress for Outside

Bring your sun block and wear suitable footware for an outside location in case it rains and gets muddy.


Gates open at 11:30 in the morning. Music starts at 12:30. The festival finishes at 22:45.


Buckden Village Club, Burberry Road, Buckden, St Neots, PE19 5UY

We are approximately half a mile from the main roundabout on the A1 at Buckden. Take the exit East onto High Street, then right onto Church Street, which changes to Mill Road. Travel past the parade of shops and turn right onto Vineyard Way, then first right onto Burberry Road and you’re there!

If you are travelling by train the nearest stations are either Huntingdon or St Neots.


If you have to travel by car, and we’d really rather you didn’t, there is no off-site parking available this year. Spaces near the site are very limited.

Please park considerately and sensibly – do not block roads, drives or double park.


Shuttle Bus

A shuttle bus will be in operation and the timetable is displayed here. There is no fare per se, but we are requesting that any bus users make a donation of £2 per person per trip.



Respect the Venue & Enjoy the Day

Please respect the fields of Buckfest and all around you.

Please don’t drop litter. Your waste is for you to bin, not a volunteer steward! Please use the bins provided; it shows you care and appreciate the ethos of Buckfest.

We will ensure all bins are clearly marked: Recycling and Non-Recycling. Buckfest recycles paper, cardboard, cans, plastic bottles and containers for dry mixed recycling. The main aim is to get everyone recycling like they would at home — or better.