Meet The Team

Rick Holden

Rick "The Reverend" Holden

Founder of Buckfest many moons ago when the hair was darker and the worry lines less visible. Involved in the local music scene for the past 20 years as an Event Promoter, Festival organiser and singer in various bands, the current being the Junkyard Preachers. Loves to cycle and has been raising money for charities for many years now, in particular cancer charities, cycled 500 miles in 5 days last July with Ian Brasher to help raise £8500 for our charity partners in our Covid fallow year.

Nicky "Cider Queen" Warnock

Nicky loves live music, volunteering, beer and cider so Buckfest is a perfect fit! She takes the lead on managing our fantastic band of festival volunteers and sources ciders for the bar (it’s a tough life but someone has to do it)! Nicky also volunteers at other local community events and she fundraises for brain tumour charities in memory of her sister. Nicky has now also worked out how much power lead can fit inside the fuel tank of a generator, just in case!

Scott "One Job" Kitson

Buckden resident of over 20 years and Civil Servant for 10 years. Lover of live music, festivals and everything that goes with it. Organiser of the Buckfest Bands Competition and proud to provide something back to the local music scene and local community. Involved with Buckfest Music Festival since Buckfest 2 in 2011 when the band on the roof stage was first proposed. Only has one job which he usually messes up.

Jon "Double L" Hill

Former biscuit designer and dolphin polisher, Jon now works in further education. Buckden resident since 2009 Jon is the Buckfest Graphic Ninja. A keen drummer, Jon provides the beats for local band Treble Damage, where his skills with the sticks have even been described as ‘average, mediocre at best’. High praise indeed! If you are wearing a Buckfest T-Shirt then Jonny designed it!

Ian "Emotional" Brasher

Ian managed the Lion Hotel in Buckden for 5 years and has over 20 years' experience in the Hospitality and Catering industry. Fundraising efforts include cycling from London to Paris in 2015 for the DSA and last summer's Buckfest 500 miles in 5 days ride with Rick. He is currently a football coach for Buckden’s Little Dribblers. Ian has a penchant for stamping on boxes to aid anger management and the occasional potty mouthed outburst!

Simon "Elton" Sherratt

On a permanent sabbatical from work after 40 years of Banking. Lover of music, festivals and the occasional beer. Cycled 100 miles on a Memorable day in 2017 to raise funds in memory of his Dad. Carries a walking stick and limps to avoid manual work.

Ian "The 5th Beatle" Carter

Ian has been involved with Buckfest for a while in his former role as treasurer of BVC, but he joined the Buckfest committee full-time in 2019. Ian looks after the cash and can normally be found running around hassling people for money. Or, more usually, asleep by the bar... Currently sporting quite ridiculous hair.