What should I do if I feel unwell?

If you feel unwell on the day of the event please do not attend. We want to keep everyone safe and well.

If you feel unwell once inside the event the First Aid station is located in the cricket pavilion. See the Site Map for information (location 13). You can also speak to one of our many volunteers wandering around the site and wearing yellow t-shirts and hi-vis vests for assistance.

Why is my bag searched on arrival?

We are a licensed event and we have a responsibility to control the consumption of alcohol is limited to those legally allowed, and to ensure that attendees do not get put of control or make themselves unwell. Additionally, for the safety of everyone, we need to make sure no glass can be brought into the event.

We have a zero tolerance policy on drugs, drunken behaviour and drunken abuse.

We reserve the right to eject anyone from the festival.

 See our full Terms & Conditions for details.


What can I bring on site in way of refreshment?

Sealed plastic bottles and cans of soft drink only and food. Note that you cannot bring BBQs of any type. There are plenty of food and drink options – see the Food and Drink page for more information.

Note that for all alcohol sales we are operating a Challenge 25 policy. If you have the luxury of looking young, bring ID!

Can I bring a gazebo?

Gazebos and tents are not allowed. However you can bring small pop-up sun shelters for children

Can I bring my dog?

Only if it is a registered assistance dog!

What else can’t I bring in?

Fireworks, sparklers, flags, banners, poles, large umbrellas, tables and pretty much anything else our security team deem a potential hazard.

What happens if lose my child?

The lost children area is with First Aid in the cricket pavilion. Our volunteers will deliver any children to that spot.

See the Site Map for information (location 13).

Why have I been given a litter sack?

That’s for our benefit – makes the clearing process on the Sunday much easier!

We’ve noticed that some of you struggle to get to a bin, so we brought the bin to you 😊.

If not using a bin, please put all litter in the bag, and put that in the bin when you leave the site. Your help with this is greatly appreciated.

What if I see something suspicious or that concerns me for a safety perspective?

Do not attempt to handle the situation yourself, peak to one of our security team. If you can’t see one, grab any volunteer and they can get one to you.

Where do I pee?

There are plenty of toilets around the site, all marked on the Site Map.

We have a cleaning team on site all day so if you find a toilet that needs attention, please let a volunteer know.

Disabled Access

Wheelchair users, and others with limited mobility, are very welcome at Buckfest. There are accessible toilets on the site and these are shown on the site map.

Buckfest takes place on the recreation ground behind the village hall. As it is a field, it’s suitability for wheelchairs is somewhat weather dependant.

Please note that there is no public parking near the festival site. However, you are welcome to drop-off anyone near the front of the village hall.