Please note that entry to Buckfest is via a purchased wristband only. We’re a licenced event, and numbers are strictly limited. Every person needs a wristband to gain entry (including babies in buggies, etc.); it doesn’t matter who you know or what age you are: no wristband, no entry — no exceptions.

Festival Booze Policy

Sorry, but we don’t allow you to bring any alcohol into the arena; only alcohol purchased on-site is permitted. The reasons for this policy are:


We are required under our licence to control the consumption of alcohol, and we have responsibilities to ensure people don’t get out of control or unwell and to prevent underage drinking. We can’t do that if people are using their own supply.

Charity Support

We try hard to raise a lot of money for charities and needy organisations through our festival, and this is largely funded by the proceeds from the sale of beer, cider and wine. If people drink their own supply, we are not able to support our charities and this event in the future.

Festival Terms & Conditions

  • No alcohol, glass or cans can be brought into the festival arena.

  • It is an offence for persons under the age of 18 to knowingly consume or buy alcohol on the festival site.

  • The organisers reserve the right to refuse admission. No person considered drunk or under the influence of drugs will be admitted.

  • The festival venue operates a zero tolerance policy on drugs, drunken behaviour or drunken abuse.

  • Any person considered by the organisers to be a public nuisance will be ejected.

  • Any person who fails or refuses to comply with instructions from any security officer, traffic management officer, steward or other persons acting for the organisers may be ejected from the venue and surrounding area.

  • Any person found not using the appropriate toilet facilities can be ejected.

  • We do not tolerate violent behaviour towards our staff or volunteer helpers. Any offenders will be prosecuted.

  • The organisers reserve the right to search all persons and all personal property.

  • The organisers will not be responsible for injury, loss or damage to personal property brought on to the festival site.

  • Fireworks, BBQs, sparklers, flags, banners, poles, large umbrellas, gazebos, tables and any other items considered by the organisers or security stewards to be a potential hazard are strictly prohibited.

  • No access to children under the age of 16 unless accompanied by a parent / guardian. The organisers may refuse entry without valid proof of age.

  • No dogs are allowed into the event arena (except Guide Dogs).

  • You are advised to wear suitable clothing & footwear for an outside location — it may rain and get muddy.